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Berkshire Red & Blue

Monday 12 June 2024

About the Course

Founded in 1928, The Berkshire Golf Club is home to two Herbert Fowler designed courses, both of which are widely regarded as amongst the best in the British Isles. The Berkshire is a traditional Members’ Club which warmly welcomes visiting golfers all year round to enjoy the beauty of its pine and heather lined courses, and to face the subtle challenges of Fowler’s superb design.


Swinley Road, Ascot
Berkshire SL5 8AY
01344 621 495
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Rob Shaw65
Simon Goldsmith64
Ismail Ahmad62
Josh Noakes61
Andy Heyes60
Mike Thelwell60
Shabir Akhtar59
Simon Irwin57
Steve Richardson (PRO)57
Paul Wesselingh (PRO)56
Simon McGreal (PRO)55
Stephen McKoy55
Michael Stupple54
Rhys Williams54
Simon Gardner54
Matt Le Tissier53
Jim Rogers52
Nick Gyoury51
Rob Lycett50
Alan Mosca49
Simon Locke (PRO)49
Stephen Harris47
Rochelle Morris (PRO)45
Dannyal Spalding (PRO)44
Feisal Nahaboo43
Abigail O'Riordan (PRO)42
Kevin Hurst41
Nathan Bennett41
Dan Sefton38
Robert Fitzhugh37
Liam Phipps (PRO)32
Barry Singh30
Mick Fitzgerald30
Carl Saunders28
Basharat Liaqat26
Chris Byrne25
Alastair Doe22
Rene Hawkins22
Rishi Persad22
Usman Bhatti22

Berkshire Red & Blue – Round 1

Andy Heyes33100
Ismail Ahmad3297
Rhys Williams3195
Josh Noakes3194
Rob Shaw3193
Mick Fitzgerald3092
Simon Goldsmith2991
Mike Thelwell2890
Stephen McKoy2889
Carl Saunders2888
Simon McGreal (PRO)2787
Steven Richardson (PRO)2786
Michael Stupple2785
Simon Gardner2684
Shabir Akhtar2683
Simon Irwin2682
Basharat Liaqat2681
Chris Byrne2580
Paul Wesselingh (PRO)2479
Simon Locke (PRO)2378
Alan Mosca2377
Matt Le Tissier2376
Nick Gyoury2375
Dan Sefton2374
Rishi Persad2273
Usman Bhatti2272
Kevin Hurst2271
Alastair Doe2270
Jim Rogers2269
Rob Lycett2268
Rene Hawkins2267
Rochelle Morris (PRO)2166
Nathan Bennett2165
Dannyal Spalding (PRO)2164
Robert Fitzhugh1963
Stephen Harris1962
Feisal Nahaboo1961
Raj Dhami1860
Abigail O'Riordan (PRO)1859

Berkshire Red & Blue – Round 2

Simon Goldsmith35100
Rob Shaw3497
Shabir Akhtar3395
Mike Thelwell3294
Paul Wesselingh (PRO)3293
Liam Phipps (PRO)3292
Simon Irwin3191
Barry Singh3090
Steven Richardson (PRO)3089
Josh Noakes3088
Jim Rogers3087
Ismail Ahmad3086
Matt Le Tissier3085
Nick Gyoury2884
Rob Lycett2883
Stephen Harris2882
Simon Gardner2881
Simon McGreal (PRO)2880
Michael Stupple2779
Andy Heyes2778
Simon Locke (PRO)2777
Stephen McKoy2776
Dan Sefton1575
Alan Mosca2674
Abigail O'Riordan (PRO)2473
Rochelle Morris (PRO)2472
Feisal Nahaboo2471
Rhys Williams2370
Dannyal Spalding (PRO)2369
Nathan Bennett2068
Kevin Hurst1967
Robert Fitzhugh1866

Tee Sheet


Michael Watson (PRO)76
Simon Goldsmith75
Gary Wolstenholme (PRO)74
Paul Streeter (PRO)73
Teddy Sheringham70
Nick Gyoury70
Liam Bond (PRO)69
Simon McGreal (PRO)68
Stuart Morfatt67
Matt Le Tissier67
Liam Phipps (PRO)66
Jarrel Stratton66
Alastair Doe66
Ismail Ahmad66
Feisal Nahaboo65
David Whalley64
Chris Gosling64
Chris Thomas63
Trevor Marshall63
Rob Shaw62
Rob Clark62
Neil Mossman60
Shabir Akhtar58
Richard Bradford58
Jason Prewitt55
Chris Byrne54
Mike Thelwell52
Tony Nutt49
Kevin Saunders (PRO)49
Rishi Persad46
Gary Collingwood37

Berkshire Red & Blue – Round 1

Ismail Ahmad41100
Nick Gyoury4097
Simon Goldsmith4095
Teddy Sheringham3994
Gary Wolstenholme (PRO)3893
Paul Streeter (PRO)3792
Michael Watson (PRO)3791
Gary Collingwood3790
Rob Clark3689
Liam Bond (PRO)3688
Simon McGreal (PRO)3587
Feisal Nahaboo3486
Matt Le Tissier3485
Alastair Doe3484
Chris Gosling3383
Stuart Morfatt3382
Jarrell Stratton3381
David Whalley3380
Chris Byrne3279
Liam Phipps (PRO)3278
Richard Bradford3177
Rob Shaw3176
Trevor Marshall3175
Mike Thelwell3074
Chris Thomas3073
Shabir Akhtar2872
Jason Prewitt2771
Neil Mossman2670
Kevin Saunders (PRO)2569
Tony Nutt2368
Rishi Persad2067

Berkshire Red & Blue – Round 2

Michael Watson (PRO)39100
Paul Streeter (PRO)3697
Gary Wolstenholme (PRO)3695
Simon Goldsmith3594
Stuart Morfatt3493
Liam Phipps (PRO)3492
Neil Mossman3491
Matt Le Tissier3390
Chris Thomas3389
Liam Bond (PRO)3388
Jarrell Stratton3387
Simon McGreal (PRO)3386
Trevor Marshall3285
Alastair Doe3284
Rob Shaw3183
Feisal Nahaboo3182
Teddy Sheringham3181
David Whalley3180
Chris Gosling3179
Nick Gyoury3078
Shabir Akhtar3077
Jason Prewitt2876
Richard Bradford2775
Rishi Persad2674
Rob Clark2673
Tony Nutt2672
Ismail Ahmad2571
Kevin Saunders (PRO)2470
Chris Byrne2269
Mike Thelwell2268
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