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British entrepreneur Feisal Nahaboo is already celebrated for being at the fore of business innovation, but it turns out that he is also above par in the sporting world as well. He has just been crowned world champion in the Global Amateur Golf Tour (GAGT), the world’s biggest and longest-established amateur golf tour.

The achievement is all the more impressive given that Nahaboo, Founder and CEO of pioneering pharmacy group Alitam, only started playing golf “seriously” six years ago.

Highly competitive, Nahaboo has been a hot favourite to win the title after dominating the GAGT since mid-season.

Following a sluggish start and average performances, Nahaboo’s daily golf training and drills helped him pick up major wins in both the Majorca and Turkish Opens as well sealing impressive victories in Ascot, Nottingham, and Oxford.

These wins and a significant number of second places amassed major Order of Merit points for the entrepreneur, making it very difficult for the 500-plus competitors to catch up.

And following the Tour’s final round in Portugal earlier this week, Nahaboo had racked up 1,093 merit points in total across the season, comfortably putting him in first place in the World Amateur Order of Merit.

It is a fitting close to an impressive golfing year for Nahaboo, which saw him also step up and play in tournaments alongside world-class professionals in the Legends Tour (formerly known as the European Senior Tour) such as Ian Woosnam and Paul Laurie.

And he recently paired with professional Robert Rock, a two-time European Tour champion, in the British Par 3 Championship. Despite not winning, the pair dovetailed nicely and finished strongly.

Feisal Nahaboo (L) with European Tour champion Robert Rock, who competed together earlier this year in the British Par 3 Championship

Speaking of his achievement, Nahaboo said: “I’m delighted to win the World Amateur Order of Merit.

“I had a lot of people who supported me throughout the season. Playing in professional tournaments alongside Mark James, Gary Orr, Carl Suneson, Paul Streeter, and Robert Rock was an amazing experience.

“It helped me to step my game up and improve. They inspired me. Whilst I’m not good enough to be their standard as a top professional, I prudently watched their strategy and gameplay and adapted mine.

“There’s no doubt that this, in itself, has helped me win tournaments with higher scores. I want to specifically single out David Morland IV, who coached me whilst I was at Trevose this year.

“It was a lightbulb moment. He changed my grip, improved my swing, and within a week I was motoring up the amateur rankings to number one.

“He cornered me into the range and worked on my game voluntarily. He is a brilliant man, and I will return his kind sentiments, and hopefully support him, in 2023.”

Sadly, Nahaboo was forced to withdraw from the October Lisbon World Amateur finals due to his mother – originally from Kilkenny, Ireland – falling unwell.

However, the impressive lead he had set before the final meant he could still win without playing.

Nahaboo added: “My head was no longer in golf and I just wanted to head home and give my mum a cuddle.

“She follows all my tournaments and scores and constantly encourages me to push myself in both golf and business.

“She’s always been there for me in everything I do and now was my time to be there for her. I dedicate my world championship amateur win to my mother, Mary. Kilkenny will be celebrating tonight after this win!”

Feisal Nahaboo is not new to sporting competitions. In his younger years, he was renowned as a brute in the boxing ring with 100 percent of his wins via knockouts before a horrific shoulder injury in the gym forced him to quit the sport.

He has also, more recently, become something of a film star, partnering with award-winning British production company Shogun Films with starring roles in the new action film Crossfire as well as the soon-to-be-released Crackdown, which will feature him as a hard-boiled law enforcer.

Within the business world, Nahaboo is respected as a visionary entrepreneur, being the creator of the Overnight Multiple Merger Model (OMMM) and the Founder and CEO of transformative pharmacy group Alitam.

Nahaboo is, however, more renowned as the ‘action man’ of the business world, being widely respected as the leading UK visionary who founded the £300m-valued accountancy group Xeinadin.

The company, named after his children Zein and Nadine, was an ‘overnight’ amalgamation of 122 independent accountancy firms, using the revolutionary Overnight Multiple Merger Model (OMMM) M&A vehicle created by Nahaboo.

According to the Sunday Times, the company has received major investment from private equity company Exponent whilst its ongoing acquisition is being financed by Barings.

Nahaboo has repeated the unparalleled success of the Xeinadin accountancy model with Alitam, a 100-plus pharmacy stores group named after his younger children, Aliyah and Tamara.

Alitam has been hailed as a visionary movement which has seen over 100 pharmacy stores galvanised as a collective under Nahaboo’s leadership.

Together, they are building a first-of-its-kind UK and Ireland preventative health system by encouraging pharmacists to embrace and deliver ‘GP-type’ medical services.

And in doing so, it will not only improve the nation’s health but also reduce the NHS’s record six-million waiting list.

His passion for redefining community pharmacists as the nation’s de facto front-line healthcare provider is, arguably, only matched by his passion for golf.

His discipline, determination, and pure will to win sees him practice in all seasons, and regardless of the weather.

He is especially renowned for his approach shots into the green and his short game, with a high percentage of ‘up and downs’ – a term used to knock the ball onto the green followed by a single putt.

Having already made his mark in the business and sporting worlds, flamboyant entrepreneur Feisal Nahaboo is now setting the silver screen alight with starring roles in a number of British action movies.

English professional golfer Robert Rock, who has played on the European Tour since 2003, is in awe of Nahaboo’s victory.

No stranger to winning tournaments, Rock secured his second European Tour title at the 2012 Abu Dhabi HSBC Golf Championship, finishing one shot ahead of Rory McIlroy.

While he entered the final round at 11 under par, tied for the lead with Tiger Woods, he outshone the American to shoot a two under round of 70 to claim victory.

Congratulating his recent British Par 3 Championship partner, Rock said: “I first met Feisal a few months ago at the British Par 3 Championship. We were paired to play together, and we competed well as a team.

“I really enjoyed his company and passion for golf. I’m very excited to see him win the World Amateur title in 2022.

“He always plays with a smile on his face, but you can see how competitive he is and how eager he is to win. He is capable of improving and winning further titles next year.”

Having played against Nahaboo multiple times this season, Surrey-based amateur competitor Gordon Lyall has come to know his competitor’s golfing prowess well.

He said: “He is resilient, and when he is on a run it’s simply hard to keep up. His short game is phenomenal. When he is on fire it’s a delight to watch!

“He is always smiling and joking but very competitive. He is a deserved winner.”

Another fellow competitor, Japan Amateur Champion Tommy Doyle, said: “I’ve watched Feisal’s progress over the last few years and it has been nothing short of exceptional.

“His golf game is night-and-day and his short game is almost pro-level now.

“Feisal has shown that hard work, resilience and belief can bring success and, more importantly, that he doesn’t let any failures deter him from his course.

“He is one of the most popular players on tour but everyone wakes up to try and beat him!”

Feisal Nahaboo had to withdraw from the GAGT finals in Lisbon this month after his mother became unwell. Here, he is pictured with his mother, Mary, and father, Osman.

One of Nahaboo’s main rivals but also one of his closest friends, Elliott Meacham – whom the new champion describes as “technically brilliant” on the green – said: “Feisal is a man with drive on and off the course.

“He’s worked hard at his game and has improved incredibly over the last year. It has been a pleasure to witness it first-hand.

“There’s no doubt that his short game matches a number of professionals. He is a deserved champion!”

Bill Ferguson, who has won four World Order of Merits also singled out Nahaboo’s achievements this week, adding: “Feisal has masses of drive, determination and resilience whilst he keeps practicing to improve his own game.”

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